Hi, I am Pank! 👋
I'm a User Experience & Interaction Designer who loves to draw, prototype, code and animate.
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Due to the non disclosure agreements, it is not possible to share some of my ongoing projects on a publically available platform. You can always reach me out and we can discuss them over a cup of coffee. ☕

User Experience Design

The following projects demonstrate product design problem solving with the help of user research and UX methods along with conceptualization and interactive prototyping (mockuping).

Appway Studio Redesign

Reimagining Appway Studio with the new paradigm shift of Packages

Business Data Comparison

Appway's Business Component for keeping track of Data Changes

Planty App

Appway Workspace Recorder

Google Chrome Extension for end-to-end testing

Appway Workspace Collaboration

Chat, Notification & Discussion List

Appway Community Platform

Developer Documentation & Support Platform


Master's Project (Personas, User Flows, Information Architecture & User Testing)

UX Writing & Developer Documentation

Working as a UX person, I also did some UX writing and contributed to the developer documentation. Following are some of the topics that I authored. I thank the technical writers under whose guidance I learned a lot. 🙏 Do check the full article/post/documentation by following the provided links.

Bridging the Icon Awareness Gap

Icons can add value for users when they help provide simple visual shortcuts within the user interface. However, apart from a small set of ...

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Using Data Logic Screens to Accelerate Screen Design

A recipe explaining how to design Appway Application screens using both the Data Logic and Screen Business Object capabilities together

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Designing an Emailer using Appway Screens

A recipe explaining how to design an emailer using Appway Screens and its components when a customer doesn't want to use any external email marketing and automation services.

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Adapting the Appway Workspace to a Corporate Design

A recipe explaining step by step how to customize the Appway Workspace so that it fits with the customer's corporate branding guidelines.

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Illustration & Visual Design

I enjoy doodling, illustrating, and pushing pixels. Big fan of crisp icons! 🙌 In some of the following projects, you'll also see some animation skills that I have.

Appway Design System

Appway Design System

A series of visuals representing for Appway's design system

Icon Library

Icon library for Appway's icon extension

Product Illustrations

App Infographics

A series of product infographic illustrations

Planty App

Planty App

A hackathon (HackZurich) project


Born and brought up in India, I did my Bachelor in Applied Arts and started my career in advertising and web design. In 2011, I came to Milan to do the Master of Science in Web & Multimedia Design and worked there for a couple of years before moving to Switzerland in 2014.

Over the last 10 years, the focus of my work revolved around different forms of digital design starting from the graphic, web, up to visual, and user interface as well as experience design. I grew my interest in how the design is being interpreted and used by the target audience. Without a clear understanding of the end-users, their expectations, and pain points most of the designs fall apart even though they are visually appealing.

I believe in keeping the user needs at the core by involving end-users throughout the design process and think around it to build a viable solution rather than following functional or visual aspects blindly.

Presently, being a User Experience Designer at Lufthansa Systems, I interact with diversified users, starting from back-office administrators to airline pilots, and create designs that guide them well in their workflow.

In my free time, you always find me with my sketchbook/iPad drawing something, somewhere. Big fan of Marvel movies, Star Trek & Wars, Back to the future and many more! Apart from drawing and watching movies, I enjoy exploring new places, from hiking in the mountains to strolling in the cities.


Feel free to reach out for collaborations or just a friendly hello 😃 on pankajjuvekar@gmail.com.
You can also connect me via following channels where I might response quicker.